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The Ishbane Conspiracy by Angela, Karina, & Randy Alcorn



I'd rather have them apathetic about everything than passionate about anything.  Its the apathetic who serve us best.  We love inertia.  Those who do nothing do our will.

6.If someone travels far enough away from Christianity, he may be able to look back and see it in perspective.  But if he drifts from the core creed while surrounded with nominal Christianity, he'll remain blind to the true faith he no longer embraces.  Infect them with a small dose of counterfeit Christianity, and itll immunize them to the real disease.

7.Why attack the Enemy when you can simply displace Him?  Theres only so much room in their hearts and minds.  Get them to focus on money, clothes, sports, status, popularity, sex, ambition, grievances.

8.The safest road to hell is the gradual onethe gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.

9.All that we work for comes down to this: get them to focus on this life and theyll never think about preparing for the next one.  Dont let it dawn on them that their life on earth is but a dot.  Or what they do while living in that dot determines the direction of their eternal line.  Your job is to trick them into living not for the line, but the dot.

10.Its their worldview we want.  Control how they see the world and we control them.

11.Id rather have them apathetic about everything than passionate about anything.  Its the apathetic who serve us best.  We love inertia.  Those who do nothing do our will.

12.When the forbidden fellowship minimize truth, people see no need for salvation.  When they minimize grace, people see no hope for salvation.  Either serves us well.

13.Theres no parent I fear more than one who'll admit hes wrong and come to his children and ask their forgiveness.  Many barriers that appeared impenetrable have been broken through a parents acts of humble contrition.

14.As a fish doesnt notice water, they dont notice their cultural context.  Theyre immersed in their societys way of thinking.  It manifests itself in every conversation, news, report, billboard, class lecture, and office policy.

15.Turn them into restless consumers, moving around and sampling from the smorgasbord.  Fashion them into the sorts of adults who hunt for the best preaching, music and programs.  Dont let it occur to them that the problem with churches is simplethey consist of people like themselves.

16.It all comes down to physics.  The more things the humans accumulate, the greater their total mass.  The greater the mass, the stronger its gravitational pull.  This sets the vermin in orbit around their things.  Finally, like a black hole, their money and possessions suck them in.  They become indistinguishable from the things that hold them.


20.The central principle of hell is: I AM MINE!

21.The humble heart acknowledges its inferiority before the Superior.  It sees its utter dependence on the Independent One.  In such a heart we cannot work.  There is nothing to grab on to.

22.So much comes down to habits.  In battle we destroy soldiers by cutting them off from supply lines.  If they dont get food, theyll be weakened, unable to hold their ground.  The forbidden book is food, the forbidden fellowship is reinforcement.  A stranded soldier is easy to pick off.  Cut them off from their squadron and youve got them.

23.Christianity all comes down to Jesus.  It stands or falls on Him.  Not on the church, not on whether some people claiming to be Christians are hypocrites.  There are lots of counterfeit bills, but that doesnt mean theres no such thing as real money.  Christianity isnt about the stupid things some Christians say and do.  Its about Jesus.

24.If we could understand everything God does, then Hed have to be a small godsmall enough to fit into our little minds.

1.Teenagers imagine theyre independent thinkers.  But all of their decisions are influenced by the group.  Once we get them on the river of peer influence, the current does the rest.  The adults arent any better.  They live their lives enslaved to others opinions and oblivious to the Enemys (God).

2.I favor anything that makes them ignore the Enemys fundamental teaching: one life on earth, followed by one death, followed by one judgment and one eternal sentence.

3.Put on the whole armor of God the Enemy commands them.  He provides it, but the good news is, they have to put it on.  And most of them dont.  They dont act like theyre on a battleship.  They act like theyre on a cruise ship.

4.Some of the Christian vermin look the other way when non-Christian friends make disastrous choices.  They fail to warn them about sin.  Your job is to convince them that would be pushing their religion. (Never let them think of it as throwing a life preserver to the drowning.)

5.I cannot overestimate the importance of the vermins first year out of high school.  This is the time more than any other when either we or the Enemy can establish a life-determining beachhead on them.  These young moldable minds leave the structure and values of home and family and church and are immersed in a radically foreign atmosphere, with far less structure and decisively different values.

17.The streets of hell are paved with good intentions.


18.This generation is granted endless activity, yet suffers perpetual boredom.


19.When we own their mind food, we own them.

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