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An Unstoppable Force by Erwin Raphael McManus



1.The best way to predict the future is to create it.  Peter Drucker


2.The New Testament word for witness is the same as for martyr.


3.Biblical interpretation must be missiological, not theological.


4.It is significant that the history of the first century church is called the Book of Acts not the Book of Truths.


5.If you dont like change you shouldnt become a Christian.  Our whole Christian experience is an experience of change (being transformed by the renewing of our minds).


6.Any application of the scriptures that did not conform to the already established policies and procedures was considered heresy in Jesusday.


7.It came as both a great joy and surprise when I discovered that a thinking Christian was not an oxymoron.



8.I have yet to meet a dying congregation that does not describe itself as having a great fellowship.  Such a definition of fellowship is extraordinarily inclusive and without question exclusive of those outside of the church.


9.In some sense we are all hypocrites in transition.


10.A person who attends church but does no begin to serve will drop out within one yearour stickability is related to our servanthood.

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