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A New Kind of Christian by Brian D. McLaren
Rediscovering the Wonder:


Fasting is meant to humble us, to make us understand how small and frail and needy we really are.  It should increase our sense of dependency, not become a way of lauding our spiritual superiority.   

14.  Great thought:  If we were to travel back in time to the 15th century the fired up Christians would not belief we are Christians based on our current views:  dont believe that kings rule by divine right, dont believe in the pope as they did, dont believe that the earth is the center of the universe.  All of these things were tightly wound into their Christian beliefswhat are some ways that we are still weaving cultural beliefs into our Christian beliefs today?


15.  Interesting quote:  Too many people in conservative evangelical churches want to spout the party line, never question, never think.


16.  Strongly disagree with the character Neos statement:  The question isnt so much whether were right but whether were good.  And it strikes me that goodness, not just rightness, is what Jesus said the real issue wasyou know, good trees produce good fruit, that sort of thing.  If we Christians would take all the energy we put into proving were right and others are wrong and invested that energy in pursuing and doing good, somehow I think that more people would believe we are right.


17.  Great quote:  Too often in todays world our Christianity doesnt have much in common with Jesus.


18.  Interest thought:  Sometimes your radio and TV preachers seem so concerned about saving America that youd think the gospel existed for the sake of American culture.


19.  Great question for a growing church:  How do we remain open and accepting of people without compromising and condoning sin?  Answer:  We shouldnt expect non-Christians to act like Christians, and we shouldnt expect new Christians to act like mature Christiansthis is what Paul preaches about in Acts.


1.  Not sure what to do with the premise that our Christian worldview model is ever changing?  That scares me.  I do agree that we are limited by our current knowledge...the illustration of 15th century Christians believing that the earth was the center of the universe and tying that into their Christianity is a good one.  
2.  Interesting to think that Christians 150 years ago defended slavery with the Bible...I'm sure we as Christians today have some areas that are as equally screwed up.
3.  Great thought from the Jewish guy that Neo met:  Everywhere I go it seems that Christians are creating "in groups" and putting everybody else in "out groups".
4.  Great quote:  "It seems we see the Bible through whatever lens we get from our culture."
5.  Great question:  Would God want a heaven full of people who wanted to be "saved" but didn't necessarily want to be good?
6.  Disagreement:  The character Neo doesn't believe in a literal hell.
7.  Great thought:  "How much energy do we modern Christians put into condemning sexual sins compared to avoiding the judgmental, Pharisaical attitude of those with rocks in their hands?  Who killed Jesus, adulterers or Pharisees?
8.  Great question:  Does it bother you that no Christians in history ever used the phrase: "accept Christ as your personal savior" until a few decades ago?


9.  Great thought:  Views on Doctrines of Hell:  Universalism, Inclusivism, Exclusivism.  "It's none of our business who does and does not go to hell.  It is our business to be warned by it and to run, not walk, in the opposite direction!  Now stop speculating about hell and start living for heaven."
10.  Great quote:  "The way some evangelicals talk about salvation is that the only thing that matters is saving your own butt from Hell"


11.  Great question:  Is getting individual souls into heaven the focal point of the gospel?
12.  Great quote:  "It's as if we have taken what is for Jesus a starting line (accepting Christ as savior) and turned it into a finish line."
13.  Interesting discussion:  Neo's character believes Evolution is one of God's coolest creations.

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