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Bucket List

The List 
On the calendar for 2013

1.Lead and disciple all of our kids to Christ, lead by example.

2.Celebrate our 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th anniversaries in new countries.

3.Go on a short term mission trip with our family.

4.Visit all 50 states with our family.

5.Play each of each of the top 100 golf courses in U.S. (28 completed).

6.Complete the Alcatraz Triathlon 

7.Complete an Iron-Man triathlon.

8.Bike across America race.

9.Win a father/son tennis tournament

10.Win a father/son golf tournament.

11.Climb one of the 14ers with the boys.

12.Run a marathon with the boys.

13.Go to a marriage retreat with Linda.

14.Take each of our kids on a special trip at age 16.

15.Help each our kids to earn an athletic scholarship for tennis.

16.Ride the slingshot ride at Kings Island with boys.

17.Start my own business by age 50.

18.Be able to work a small business with the kids.

19.Play drums in a praise and worship band.

20.Retire by age 55 and give my time to a ministry.

21.Work toward giving away 20%, 30%, 40% of our income.  Increase every year.

22.Shoot par for 18 holes of golf.

23.Get out of debt including mortgage.

24.Climb a mountain (Kilimanjaro).

25.Start a scripture memory program with kids.

26.Visit all US National Parks with our family.

27.Win a tennis tournament in my 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s

28.Win a golf tournament in my 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s

29.Invest 1 day per month in a service ministry as a family.

30.Go on a golf trip with boys.

31.Go skiing in CO or UT with family.

32.Go whitewater rafting in WV with family.

33.Learn to surf with the kids.

34.Learn to scuba dive with the kids.

35.Run a 5K, 10K, Mini, Triathlon with the boys.

36.Teach SS for each of the boys while they are in the teen group.

37.Go to a Christian Woodstock concert event with family.

38.Go to the Masters.

39.Go to Wimbledon.

40.Go to the Ryder Cup.

41.Camp out every year with the family.

42.Go on a wilderness camping trip with family.

43.Go on a cross-country motorcycle trip.

44.Attend the Leadership Summit every year.

45.Write at least one hand written encouragement note each week.

46.Learn to become an extravagant encourager.

47.Learn to savor every moment of life; gratefulness, joyfulness.

48.Go on a Disney Cruise with the family.

49.Go to Atlantis Resort with the family.

50.Strive to lead someone to Christ and disciple them each year.

51.Pay for each of our kids college.

52.Help start a plant church.

53.Start a leadership development program at church.

54.Character development program with kids; humility, gratefulness, generosity, servant attitude.

55.Better shape in my 40s than ever before.

56.Own a vacation home.

57.Send each of our kids on an all expense paid honeymoon.

58.Take our grandchildren on a cruise.

59.Go horseback riding with our family. 

60.Take our grandchildren to Disney World.

61.Go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

62.Play a round of golf in St. Andrews, Scotland.

63.Go to a Super Bowl.

64.Take a helicopter ride with family.

65.Grand Canyon white water rafting trip with the boys.

66.Spend a night on a house boat with family.

67.Visit Australia with family.

68.Visit Europe with family.

69.Live to meet my great grand children.

70.Read the Classics.

71.Live in warm climate in the winter and Indiana in spring/summer by age 55.

72.Go to a show in NYC with Linda.

73.Travel to all the continents of the world.

74.Backpacking trip as a family.

75.Learn to sail with family.

76.Develop a steady passive income stream.

77.Go to the Olympics with family.

78.Go skydiving.

79.Hot Air Balloon ride with family.

80.Finish strong as a fully devoted follower of Christ.






81.Play on a USTA 4.0 tennis team.

82.Take a 2 week trip across CA with family (June 2011).

83.Celebrate our 20th anniversary somewhere weve never beentropical. (Dec 2011).

84.Mission trip to Costa Rica with sales team @ work (April 2011).

85.Run a marathon after age 40 (San Diego 2011).

86.Give boys $ to make micro-loan to entrepreneurs in developing countries on 

87.Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

88.Sponsor a family for Christmas every year.

89.Read through the Bible with the boys.

90.Start a discipleship program.

91.Go on annual guys golf trip every year until I die.

92.100 mile bike race.

93.Go deep-sea fishing with the family.

94.Volunteer to be guest speaker a sales class at ONU every year.

95.Discipleship program with each of our kids.

96.Run the Indy 500 mini-marathon every year of my life.

97.Run in an adventure race.

98.Make a top 20 heroes list and read a biography about each one.

99.Read a minimum of 30 new books every year (Business, Christian, Biography, and History).

100.Learn conversational Spanish for Costa Rica mission trip.

101.Adopt a little girl from China (Macy on 2/20/2009).

102.Run a marathon (2006).

103.Run Olympic distance triathlon (1999).

104.Get a hole in one (1993, 2007).

105.Bungee jumping (1992, 2008, 2010).

106.Class 5 whitewater rafting (2003).

107.Run a triathlon after age 40 (age 41 on 8/21/10)

108.Have my best half-marathon time after age 40 (1:32 age 41)

109.Raise $5,000 on to build a well (2009).

110.Rappel down 18 story building (2010).

111.Visit China; The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Hong Kong with family (2009).

112.Maui trip with family (2008).

113.Go on a whale watching excursion in Hawaii during peak season.

114.Go snorkeling in Hawaii with family.

115.Grand Canyon trip with family (2010).

116.Washington DC trip with family (2005).

117.NYC trip with family (2005).

118.Stay at the Atlantis Resort (2009).

119.Trip across CO with family (2004).

120.Learn to snowboard with the kids (2009).

121.Go parasailing (1985, 1992).

122.Learn to fly fish (2010).

123.Play Pebble Beach (CA) (2010).

124.Play Whistling Straits (WI). (2010).

125.Play Bandon & Pacific Dunes (OR). (2009).

126.Play Kiawah Island (SC). (2008).

127.Play TPC Sawgrass (FL). (2010).

128.Go to NCAA Basketball Championship (twice Butler & IU). (2002 & 2010).

129.Go to the US Open Tennis Tournament (2007).

130.Become a consistent single digit handicapper in golf (2010).

131.Win my fantasy football league (2008).

132.Spend a week at Wharton Business School learning from top business professors (2006).

133.Coach all of my 3 boys teams in basketball & baseball.

134.Go on a mission trip to Guatemala with sales team @ work (April 2010)

135.Big Brother: mentor & disciple Victor.

Create a website to capture a variety of resources that inspire growth.

Completed before 2011

Completed 2011-2012

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