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Mojo. By Marshall Goldsmith

•We often want to believe that we have character that is different than reputation. We define our character as who other people think we really are. In situations where their assessment is different than our own, we generally define the assessment of others as wrong. It takes courage to realize that, in some cases, other peoples view of us may be just as accurateor even more sothan our view of ourselves.


•Reputations are formed by a sequence of actions that resemble one another. When other people see a pattern of resemblance, thats when they start forming your reputation.


•Because we dont keep track of our repeat behavior, we never see the patterns that others see. These are the patterns that shape our reputationand yet were largely oblivious to them and, in turn, to our reputation.


•The Great Western Disease is that we fixate on the future at the expense of enjoying the life were living now.


•Over the years I have asked thousands of participants in my class to answer the following question:


What percent of all interpersonal communication time is spent on

(a) people talking about how smart, special, or wonderful they areor listening while someone else does this, plus

(b) people talking about how stupid, inept, or bad someone else isor listening while someone else does this? The average number is 65%. Two-thirds of the stuff we discuss with our co-workers involves either boasting or criticizing, by us or someone elsees to see you, he is giving you the first, and most important buy signal.

How to get it, How to keep it, How to get it back if you lose it


•Mojo is that positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside.


•Four vital ingredients need to be combined in order for you to have great Mojo:

oIdentity: Who do you think you are?

o Achievement: What have you done lately?

o Reputation: Who do other people think you are?

o Acceptance: What can you change, and what is beyond your control?


•What is the one quality that differentiates truly successful people from everyone else? Truly successful people spend a large part of their lives engaging in activities that simultaneously provide meaning and happiness.


•Professional Mojo: What I bring to this activity; motivation, knowledge, ability, confidence and authenticity


•Personal Mojo: What this activity brings to me; happiness, reward, meaning, learning, gratitude


•Our default response in life is not to experience happiness.


•Our default response in life is not to experience meaning.


•Our default response in life is to experience inertia.


•In other words, our most common everyday processthe thing we do more often than anything elseis continue to do what were already doing.


•Reputation: its where you add up who you are (identity) and what youve done (achievement) and toss the combined sum out into the world to see how people respond. Your reputation is peoples recognitionor rejectionof your identity and achievement.





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